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Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program

Your Try-Me Packet

Remember, if the samples last more than 2 days,

it means you're not using enough product

With samples we're only looking for possible adverse reactions.  We are not looking for acne clearing just yet - acne clearing takes much more time and effort than samples allow.

This may be more products than you're used to using.  Keep in mind, a few products may only be used in the beginning to help clear your skin.  We may eventually switch to a more simple routine once we get your skin clear, or we may switch out acne clearing products for anti-aging products.  Adult Acne is a unique specialty - it is possible to accomodate for acne-prone skin with all anti-aging concerns!

Feel free to email any time with any and all questions.  The ultimate goal is for you to switch out your current products for the full size versions of these samples in order to get your skin the help and healing it needs.  Whichever samples don't cause adverse reactions should be purchased in full sizes right away.  If any of them do, you must contact Daniela right away!

It's very important to remember that with the Eval and sample packet we are beginning a long term relationship -  after you've used the full size products for a while, as your skin changes we will tweak and re-tweak periodically until we find a long-term regimen that keeps your skin clear.  

However.  Since acne has no cure, and since adult women (and men!) go through several changes throughout life, adult acne can tend to ebb and flow.  But, as long as we keep in touch to monitor these changes, we can catch them before they have a chance to cause serious problems.  

It is for this reason that guidelines for participation in this program are strict.  Keeping up with product use and monthly check-ins means continued help with your skin is free of charge for life!

When it comes to investing in getting your skin clear and healthy, if prescriptions, home remedies or drugstore brands were working for your skin, your skin would be much better, right??  Acne clearing takes patience, perseverance, attention and above all, the right products.  

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