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What the Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program Entails

Your Responsibilities

Please include in your address book to ensure emails don't go into your spam folder.

This is the email address that check-in reminders, appointment reminders, and occasional promo emails are sent from.

Putting your skin into Daniela's hands means no more experimenting, no more self-diagnosing, no more guessing!  But it does take commitment!

With the Eval by Email® program, compliance is key!  

In order to fully benefit from Daniela's expertise and clear your acne effectively, you must commit to the following:


~   stay on Daniela's recommended products exclusively

You must use recommended products in the amounts and times indicated in your instructions (all products are sent with postcards indicating how much of each product should be used and how long they are each supposed to last).  Skimping or skipping will impede your acne clearing progress!

~   no outside facial skincare products may be used

Use of outside facial skincare products in the case of budget concerns or personal preferences will compromise the clearing of your acne by taking the care of your skin out of Daniela's hands.  Ongoing email correspondence in this case will no longer be free of charge.  Putting your acne clearing into Daniela's hands means you don't have to search for solutions or figure anything out for yourself anymore.  Your expectations must be realistic, and you must be patient.  In the case of proven allergy to products from Daniela's webstore or Studio, outside products used in this case must be those recommended by Daniela only.

~  facial appointments are exclusively reserved for full participants in the Eval by Email®

     Adult Acne Clearing Program

Facials are offered only to adult acne clients who are using a full daily and weekly skincare routine of products from Daniela's webstore or Studio exclusively, for a minimum of 6 weeks prior.  Breaks of over 6 months from sending check-in emails and product purchases will necessitate starting over again with the full program.

~  regarding the use of prescription acne medications

Use of prescription acne medications takes the care of your acne clearing out of Daniela's hands and puts it into the hands of your doctor (this does not include medications for rosacea).  For reasons of liability, Daniela can continue to recommend a basic skincare routine, but will not be able to advise on your acne condition, nor on the use of your medications.  Any side effects of medications, such as dehydration, irritation, flaking, or worsening breakouts, will have to be taken to your doctor.  Facials and AHAs, BHAs, BPO, Retinyl Serum, and most masks from Daniela's webstore or Studio will have to be discontinued due to interference with acne meds.  Continued email correspondence with Daniela is available in the form of consultations every two months, which would also take the place of facials, until you are no longer under a doctor's care, for a fee of $60 each; these consultations will include feedback and advice for tweaking your basic routine as your skin changes.  Medications include: oral and/or topical antibiotics, prescription retinols, birth control specifically prescribed for acne clearing, topical exfoliators such as azeleic acid (Finacea), and hormone adjusters such as DIM.  Testosterone blockers such as Spironolactone will be considered on a case by case basis.

You must inform Daniela of new presciption acne medications or upcoming appointments with a doctor for acne help a minimum of 5 days before your facial appointment.

~  all outside makeup, body care, and hair care products must be pre-approved;

full ingredient lists must be emailed with your inquiry

Requests for checking and approval of products after the initial Eval by Email® results must be accompanied by full ingredient lists for each product.  With apologies, Daniela cannot take time to look up product ingredient lists after your initial Eval.  Links to websites are acceptable only if full ingredient lists are included there, not "key ingredients", and are easy to locate. Photos of ingredient lists on bottles are ok but must be fully legible, and will only be accepted if the list fits into a single photo.  With first purchase of skincare, a short list of recommended makeup and hair care products can be emailed to you upon request.

~  follow lifestyle and diet recommendations

Cut or eliminate sugar (simple carbohydrates), sources of iodine, and dairy (if you believe dairy to be a trigger; it isn't for everyone).  Discontinue use of dryer sheets / fabric softeners, and try your best to refrain from leaning your face on hands, arms, phones, etc.  Check new vitamin-mineral supplements with Daniela before purchasing.

~  you must send monthly check-ins by email (a facial counts as a check-in) including updated photos (bi-weekly with use of BPO/Mandelic Acid/Retinyl Serum)

You'll be receiving an email a month after you purchase your first products asking how it's going, and then a progress email every month after that. It's very important that you answer these emails in order to fully keep track of your progress. Should these emails end up in your junk folder, you will still be responsible for sending in your updates.  In the case of BPO, Mandelic Acid, or Retinyl Serum, check-in emails must be sent every two weeks until you are advised it's ok to check in once a month.  

There will be a consultation fee of $60 after not hearing from you for 4-6 months, 2 months or more in the case of BPO or Mandelic Acid, in order to resume help with your acne.  Please see the bottom of the Services page at Daniela's main website for details.

~  with each check-in, you must upload photos of the five sections of your face, i.e. 5 separate photos each time, as follows:  

1. full head-on view of the right profile of your face

2. full head-on view of the left profile of your face

      (not angled from the front of your face but the entire side)

3. full head-on view of just your chin

4. a close-up but clear view of your nose from your brow to below your mouth

5. full head-on view of just your forehead

This way, we can see a basis for comparison for the entire face and not just the breakout areas or only a full front view, in order to be able to see the entire picture of what's going on with your skin.  Please do Daniela a favor by not sending a single full front photo for Chin, Nose, and Forehead, as this necessitates cropping three times for each part.  Daniela has many clients, and needs to be able to process your updates and photos in a timely manner.  

Please also make sure photos are as clear as possible, not too far, not too close, and in good lighting.

Also please be sure to upload photos in original/actual sizes, not shrunk down, in case of need for any cropping, as any necessary enlargement after cropping could render photos unusable.

~ keep all email correspondence between us

The reason for working by email rather than by Zoom, Skype, or phone, is the ability for each of us to refer to past correspondence and not have to remember what anyone said, or take notes that can end up incomplete. Texting does not allow for the kind of referencing to past conversations that email can.  Very meticulous record is kept of every conversation in your file, including photos.  Photos are kept strictly confidential and are shared with no one without your permission.

~ full participation in the program is required for continued correspondence to remain free of charge for help with acne clearing and maintenance

Once your skin is consistently clear for three months or more, you will be able to check in every two or three months instead of every month (Daniela will let you know), where you simply report that everything is going well.  In this case, consultation fees will only apply for help with new acne problems after not checking in for 4-6 months.  After not checking in for over 6 months, you will have to fill out and pay for the full Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program form in order to resume correspondance for help with new breakouts (and facials if you are local).  However, if you would like to simply know what products to use for your skin's situation at the time without personalized help, feel free to fill out the new Eval by Email® Lite form without incurring any fees.  

Remember, consultation fees are only charged for help with acne problems outside of full compliance with the Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program.  Always feel free to reach out with any questions at all.  Please see the bottom of the Services page at Daniela's main site for details on all Consultation fees.