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Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program

What the program is all about

The idea behind Daniela's Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program is to first restore your skin's own "normal" as per your DNA by fixing what pore clogging and irritating products, Rx medications, and habits have created.  We do this with removal of comedogenic materials from your regimen, hydration, and calming.  After that, we can then address problems created by your own skin's natural behavior and hormonal interferences.  This process may be slower than other systems, but it is longer lasting, more healthful, and more reliable.

What to Expect

         Possible temporary increase in oil

After starting a better skin care routine, one of two things will happen - you will either get less oily right away, or your skin will seem more oily as the pores start to flow more freely.  If this happens, your skin will eventually normalize, and this balance will allow your skin to not have to over-produce so much oil in the first place.  That's not to say we can get your skin to stop being oily entirely, we just need to get it flowing and operating properly while we stop the back-up of oil that is causing so much havoc.

         Possible temporary increase in breakouts

It can also happen that dormant acne brewing under the skin, which had stopped developing due to dehydration and clogging, can now finish their growth cycles as the skin, pore linings, and pore contents get softer and more pliable.  The result is what seems to be a worsening of your acne.  In this case, however, these breakouts clear faster than previously, and eventually get smaller in size and become less deep.

         How long it takes to clear and how it happens can vary

Generally people first see the larger blemishes go while a larger number of smaller ones take their place.  Little by little the smaller breakouts are next to go, leaving leftover closed and open comedones (blackheads) in their place.  The blackheads and colorless bumps are the last to go and are the most difficult to get rid of.  In some people all this takes six months, in others it can take as much as a year.

         Results can vary for the long term

Since acne has no cure, and since adult women (and men!) can experience several hormonal changes throughout life from time to time, including stress!, acne can tend to ebb and flow.  Your clearing may be permanent, but you should never count on that.

You must remember, there are NO guarantees here, and the time and products necessary to get and stay clear are different for everyone!

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