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Your online guide for Adult Acne, Sensitivity and Rosacea

Featuring the unique problem-skin service specially

designed exclusively for ages late 20s to 50s!

So sorry, this service is offered in the US only

        Finally! Real help with your most baffling questions!

How do I navigate the overwhelming amount of advice out there for adult acne, and how does anti-aging fit in?

I'm not a teen or even in my 20s - why am I'm breaking out at my age?

Why do some product lines work for a few months and then stop working, or even backfire?

I've used medications before and they didn't work - why should I believe that adult acne products will work any better?

Is "all-natural" better for clearing up my skin or is it just hype?

Is it just "hormones", and if it is, can I really do anything about it?  What if I'm in my 30s -- 40s -- 50s?

Can I take care of my Rosacea without medication, and if I can't, what products can augment or enhance the use of my medications?

If I break out easily, does this mean I have sensitive skin ?

My skin has experienced sensitivity, how can I get a good regimen without buying and testing out every product on the market?

Why can't I find anything that keeps my skin clear without burning or causing redness?

And the biggest question of all:

Product lines I've already tried seem to feature a handful of products that are supposed to work for everybody - I spend good money on them and then they don't work!  

Shouldn't each routine be different for each person ??

The answer is YES !

a thorough analysis of the history of your skin troubles


insight into why your current skin care, makeup, body care and even hair care routines may be worsening your problem


analysis of how hormones may (or may not) be causing your breakouts


solutions tailored to you and your skin


a try-me packet with full instructions to test products at home before you buy!

This level of personal attention, no matter where you live in the United States, is not available anywhere else on the internet!

Please note :  If you are under 24 years of age, your acne is still considered teen acne.  You will receive great basic advice, but not a full evaluation or a try-me packet.

What works for someone else may not work for you.  Adult Acne and Rosacea have many faces, especially well into your 30s and beyond.  Some cases involve more congestion, others inflammation.  Some need AHAs and OTC meds to clear, others just need hydration and calming.  Adult Acne can have root causes that are completely different from teen acne.  In fact, most adults who experience acne breakouts have little to no history of acne at all !

To make things even worse, anti-aging products are so often pore clogging, they can entirely thwart your acne clearing efforts.

There is a better way!

Finally!  With products from Daniela's Facial Studio®, you can have acne clearing and anti-aging all at the same time!

Only by filling out the Eval by Email® Form will you get completely personalized attention and recommendations for a product regimen that is designed to work just for YOU.  Daniela herself will work tirelessly to uncover the root causes of your own personal acne problem based on her "Sherlock Holmes" type approach.  Nothing is plugged into a computer program that only churns out a one-size-fits-this-skin-type answer.  

Even anti-aging is approached in a way specific to acne skin.  You'll receive full access to Daniela's expertise every step of the way, tweaking your routine when necessary until your skin gets clear and stays clear.

If you're in your late 20s to 50s, your acne is especially frustrating and puzzling.  The truth is, the real battle with breakouts is won at home, whether you have Adult Acne, general sensitivity, or even Rosacea.  A facial is simply for cleaning the skin out after it's been softened and calmed enough to let everything loose.  Much of the time the skin can clear up with just product alone.  For this reason, the Eval by Email® service is offered nationwide, anywhere in the U.S.!

With the Eval by Email® Online Skin Care Consultation you will receive: